Vibeke Silverthorne

The Elevator Pitch: 

I'm Vibeke Silverthorne. 

A catchy headline and a nice typeface always get me going. I write, I draw, and I brew some damn good beer. I love to learn new skills, collaborate with others and explain myself through expressive arm movements. 

Please Elaborate: I know, I know. Pick a side. But hey, I'm a creative. I love to create work with strong insight and a good story, whether through a headline or a visual. It's not about proving I can do everything, it's about the rush of that big idea. About working with a partner to create something that makes people stop, or smile, or breathe a little harder through their noses.

I know the work is what you're here for, so go check that out! I'll be here if you wanna chat more.

Have a great day! 

The Breakdown:  

OCAD University Medal Winner

Glad Day Bookshop (2018)

OCAD University Industry Presentations Finalist

Apothic Wines -  2nd Place (2018) 

sponsorshipX - Finalist (2018)

OCAD University Masters Presentations Finalist

Glad Day Bookshop Masters Presenter (2018)

OCAD University Grad Ex 103 Committee 

Advertising Grad Ex Student Rep (2018) 

GRIP Juicer 2017 Finalist

(April 2017)

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival Exhibitor

(2016, 2017)


Monitor, OCAD University Design Photography Studio

November 2015-Present

Monitor, OCAD University Distribution Services

September 2014-Present

Graphic Design Intern, ROI Relations 

September 2016 - December 2016


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